How we work

Our team consists of experienced individuals, including architectural engineers, visualizers, and designers – all graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts. With diverse approaches to design, we complement each other, creating unique interiors and architecture. We have ongoing collaborations with engineers in the plumbing and electrical industries. Our rich experience and knowledge enable us to turn the boldest ideas into structures tailored to our clients' needs. At every stage of the project, the client is the most important component of our work. By carefully selecting each element, we aim to ensure that the final architectural design or interior arrangement meets their expectations.

Architecture, interiors, and more.

With MOYA ENGINEERING, you can design and furnish your dream living space. We will inspire you with ideas, whether we're designing your dream home or arranging your apartment together. You don't need to worry about the implementation – we'll take care of the entire process. With our years of experience and proven working system, we will ensure a well-thought-out project execution that aligns with your expectations. Through our individual approach, we will create unique and unparalleled architecture and interiors where you can enjoy comfort and functionality.


Every investment is an individual process that depends on the client's vision, the site's possibilities within the framework of building regulations, and technical conditions.

We stand out through our comprehensive approach, starting from the analysis phase of the plot or existing property, through the concept and design phase, where we obtain all necessary approvals, decisions, and opinions on behalf of the client (such as network connection conditions, conservation/archaeological decisions, agreements with fire safety experts, hygiene and sanitary matters, and others depending on the investment). We then secure the construction permit and provide authorial supervision throughout the implementation. We collaborate with trusted specialists in the electrical, plumbing, road, and structural engineering fields. Together, we prepare a multidisciplinary construction and execution project.

We also assist investors with the formalities related to commencing construction work. We provide our clients with the guarantee that their investments are in the right hands and are carried out in accordance with building regulations and technical requirements.


We offer comprehensive cooperation, covering the entire process from concept to realization. We start with a meeting at our office, where, over a good cup of coffee, we brainstorm to understand the client's needs regarding functionality and interior aesthetics. First, we prepare visualizations that represent our findings. Upon approval by the client, we create detailed technical drawings, including electrical and plumbing installations, as well as furniture layout. Our projects also include material specifications and external offers, which provide information about furniture suppliers, lighting, doors, floors, and other interior furnishings.

Through our collaboration, the investor receives comprehensive project documentation, including photorealistic visualizations, technical drawings, and material specifications. Our offering also includes connecting with trusted contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers who can execute the project to meet the client's expectations. We provide various options tailored to the budget and preferences of the client, ensuring the highest quality and complete satisfaction with the project.

We also accompany our clients throughout the entire completion phase of the investment, overseeing the work of contractors as well as the logistics of orders and deliveries. We ensure that the project is executed correctly according to the design and within the budget defined by the client.