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Moya Engineering design studio was founded in 2010 by Marta Jasinowska-Czapska, an architect and interior designer with extensive experience. Our activities are primarily focused in the Lower Silesia region, but we are equally eager to take on projects from all over Poland and abroad. We specialize in architectural design and interior arrangement for residential, commercial, and public utility facilities.

Architecture. Interiors. Constructions.

Moya Engineering's offering includes additional services such as home staging, architect consultations, and space branding. Our team consists of experienced engineers, architects, visualizers, and interior designers. Thanks to our diverse approach to design, we complement each other, leading to the creation of unique architecture and interiors. We have a permanent collaboration with engineers specializing in plumbing, electrical, road, and structural engineering. With our rich experience and knowledge, we are capable of executing the most ambitious projects tailored to the needs of our clients.




“Our design studio is a team of qualified specialists who combine knowledge with passion and dedication. We pay attention to every detail to meet the expectations and needs of our clients. We believe that architecture and design are not only about aesthetics but, above all, functionality and ergonomics. That's why our projects are not only beautiful but also well-thought-out and tailored to individual needs. With us, your spaces will take on a new dimension and fulfill your dreams of the perfect place to live and work.

We warmly welcome you to collaborate with us."

Marta Jasinowska-Czapska


Collaborating with our design firm guarantees the highest quality of service and an individual approach to every client. Our team consists of qualified specialists known for their meticulous attention to even the smallest details. This ensures that each project is unique and tailored to the individual needs and expectations of the client. Our architects possess extensive experience and knowledge, allowing them to execute even the most complex and original projects. Working with us guarantees satisfaction with the final result and contentment with choosing our company.